What happened to January?


Some of the coldest, iciest, snow-laden weather on record has bombarded the eastern half of the US relentlessly most of January.  And as January ended, the Oklahoma-Texas-Missouri bloc of the southwest/midwest was devastated by blizzards of historic proportions.

A whole lot of church cancelled services and small groups and rehearsals and parties and ministries during these last 30+ days.  Not a few church budgets took major hits also, because when there’s no “church” (meaning no church services) offerings often go undeposited and even forgotten when the thaws come.

But was the Church cancelled for inclement weather.

Not if you understand that the church is not something you go to, but something you are.  The Church is the Body of Christ on mission with Jesus to serve the world and to spread God’s kingdom influence.

That can be done with a snow shovel as well as a sermon.

It can be done in a soup kitchen feeding the homeless as well as in a service with pipe organ or worship band.

The Church can be in cold houses where prayer and a much-needed hot meal are delivered.

The Church can be in a ride by four-wheel drive when someone else’s car cannot even get out of the driveway.

The Church worships when it opens it doors to the homeless and the hungry, when it pays someone’s heating bill, when it watches a sick child because mom must go to work.

The Church worships went it honors God by loving its most unloveable neighbor who only comes to the church when they want a hand-out.

The Church worships went it lets its praises rise up when everyone else is grousing about cancelled school, and unplowed streets, and public services that are not available because of the weather.

The Church is not something you go to, it’s something you (and a whole lot of others) are.

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